Where do we stay


Château Frandeux

Rue des Pèlerins 4
BE 5580 Frandeux

Phone: 0032 (0) 84367439


Our venue

Château Frandeux

This place has plenty of all kinds of fabulous spaces, and it is surrounded by beautiful nature. You will find royal bedrooms, workshop rooms and hang out areas. There is a swimmable lake, a huge grass field for community play time and outside workshops, a fireplace, a hang out room with piano, a forest, a ping pong table outdoors, a fire place field etc. We have physical games, board games and much more…

There is limited free wifi at designated spots at the venue, and we wish you lots of LIVE connection with those amazing human beings who will be right there with you! What needs are you meeting online? How could you meet them with us? What would it take of you and us?



The food will be a vegan/vegetarian organic buffet. We will also provide gluten- and sugarfree alternatives if you need/prefer that!


Venue rules and culture

  • Treat others with kindness and respect, including respecting “No” and “Stop”.
  • No smoking allowed on the domain, please go for a long walk outside the Heerlijckyt premises instead, out of care for others. If you are not willing to take care of our communityhealth and role modelling for our youth in this way, this might not be the festival for you.
  • Big preference for an alcoholfree (and other drugs) festival, as our goal is to increase awareness and care for yourself and those around you.
  • Curious to see what happens if you leave your phone in the room / car for the day, to really be with what is arising every moment? how can you relate to reality right in front of you, with feeling, healing and playfulness?
  • Support others and Ask for support. We invite you to practice asking for support from others, maybe more than what you are used to.
  • Long term awareness: Sometimes the open hearted energy can get intimate – beware of increased risk of actions you might regret later. How to weave your authenticity together with your integrity? 


Additional statements from participants:

Below are some answers from various festival participants to the question: “What would support care and respect at the festival”: 

  • “Knowing that all participants are aware of how to treat others with respect and will do so. If participants (including children) act in harmful ways, the community will step in to stop the harm, and do so skillfully.”
  • “Having someone to go to when feeling upset or in need of support “
  • “As a newcomer feeling welcomed, being heard and included by the experienced participants”
  • “Starting and ending on time “
  • “When the community supports the facilitators in maintaining the structure and the flow of the community meetings.”
  • “Being supported when needing it”
  • “Being honest”
  • “Learning how to deal with my own reactions in supportive and loving ways”
For your comfort

What to bring

Bring anything that you need for your comfort and that can support having a great time during the event, for example:

  • musical instruments,
  • sport equipment, such as a football, frisbee, etc.,
  • board games,
  • toys for your/all children,
  • swimming clothes (there is a pond!),
  • sunscreen, sunglasses, hat + warm clothes just in case,
  • water bottle,
  • your materials if you would like to offer workshops of your own.

How to get there


There are planes flying to Brussels South Charleroi Airport. We wholeheartedly and ecologically recommend you to join us by train, boat, foot or bike instead of by plane 🙂 And we also clearly prefer you to join us by plane than not at all! There are buses and trains that can bring you from the airport to NMBS station in Jemelle in less than one hour, where we can pick you up, find out more here!



Find out how far you live @google maps! Here is the address: 

Rue des Pèlerins 4

BE 5580 Frandeux 

If you want to share your travel with somebody else from your area, check the travel coordination doc you will receive at the end of June!

That’s all folks, warm welcome and safe travels!

Do you want to participate?

Registration for 2023 is already open!