Where do we stay


Ośrodek Wczasowo Rekreacyjny „Niezamyśl”

ul. Raczyńskiego 70
63-020 Zaniemyśl

Phone +48 612 857 083


Our venue

The Festival will take place in Ośrodek Niezamyśl situated 40 km from Poznań, Poland. The venue has a private beach at Raczyńskie Lake and is surrounded by nature. It is fully accessible by public transport. We will soon provide more details on how to get there.

Address and contact information of the venue:

Ośrodek Wczasowo Rekreacyjny „Niezamyśl”
ul. Raczyńskiego 70
63-020 Zaniemyśl, Poland

Phone: +48 612 857 083
E-Mail: niezamysl@zaniemysl.pl; rezerwacja@niezamysl.pl
Webpage (in Polish): niezamysl.pl 

Location in Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/dir//52.1429374,17.1721137/@52.1429525,17.1019084,12z/data=!3m1!4b1 



Concerning food, we would like to make it clear what is and what is not possible.

As we were concerned about the financial availability of the Festival, we have chosen the budget version of the venue. It means that the food will not be very sophisticated either. There is no menu à la carte available there and the kitchen prepares the food for all guests. They have no restaurant open for external guests.

They specialise in a simple, Polish, non-vegetarian kitchen, but they are very open to taking under consideration our request to have vegetarian food. We will discuss the menu long before the Festival starts in order to be sure that we understand the idea of vegetarian meals in the same way. Special requirements like gluten-free or lactose-free diets are not possible as they have no means to take responsibility for this.

We have agreed that there will be two menus available – vegetarian and with meat. We have to confirm how much of each we expect, so this is why we will ask you about your preferences in the registration form. If you are vegan, please, select a vegetarian diet. We will do our best to have in the menu a lot of vegetables and for instance groats and potatoes, so you can find something okay for you, but we don’t promise anything additional.

For coffee breaks we will separately buy dairy free milk (oat milk etc).

If you have any questions, email Ewa Tyralik (ewa@ewatyralik.com).

For your comfort

What to bring

Bring anything that you need for your comfort and that can support having a great time during the event, for example:

  • musical instruments,
  • sport equipment, such as a football, frisbee, etc.,
  • board games,
  • toys for your/all children,
  • swimming clothes (there is a lake!),
  • sunscreen, sunglasses, hat + warm clothes just in case,
  • water bottle,
  • your materials if you would like to offer workshops of your own.


Free WiFi

WiFi is available in some rooms in the hotel building and is free of charge.

Free Parking

There is a free public parking space available for you.

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in on 30 July from 4:00 pm. Check-out on 6 August not later than 11:59 am.

Outside activities

The venue has a private beach, where you can rent water sport equipment. There is also a children’s playground. For an additional charge you can use a tennis court, bicycles and billiards. You can also visit a horse stud (15-minutes walking distance).

House rules

Smoking at the venue is not allowed. You are probably allowed to consume alcoholic beverages purchased outside of the venue – we will confirm that later.


How to get there

To Poznań

There is a small airport in Poznań (Poznań-Ławica). Besides, Poznań is very well connected with other big cities. To Poznań Główny there are direct trains from Warszawa Centralna (it takes approx. 3h-3h30), Berlin (3h14), Wrocław Główny (1h50), Gdańsk Główny (3h15), Kraków Główny (5-6h).

Check the train connections here: https://portalpasazera.pl/en

If you land in Poznań-Ławica Airport, you can go to the centre of Poznań by:

– Bus nr 159 (get off at Poznań Główny and take the tram 6, 12 or 18 to Rondo Rataje)

– Bus nr 148 (get off at Rondo Kaponiera and take the tram to Rondo Rataje)

From Poznań to Zaniemyśl

It takes approx. 1h40-2h to go from Poznań to Ośrodek „Niezamyśl”. First you take the tram to Rondo Rataje, then a bus to Zaniemyśl/Kościół and then you walk – check the details below. To see the timetable, please, use “Google maps” or “Jak Dojadę Poznań” (https://jakdojade.pl/poznan/trasa/)


Step 1) Poznań Główny – Rondo Rataje

From Poznań Główny take the tram number 6 (direction: Miłostowo), 12 (direction: Starołęka PKM) or 18 (direction: Franowo). Get off at Rondo Rataje stop.

Step 2) Rondo Rataje – Zaniemyśl/Kościół

From Rondo Rataje take the bus number 560 and get off at Zaniemyśl/Kościół stop.

Step 3) Zaniemyśl/Kościół – Ośrodek „Niezamyśl”

Then take a 15-minute walk to Ośrodek Wczasowo Rekreacyjny „Niezamyśl”, ul. Raczyńskiego 70, 63-020 Zaniemyśl. Here is the map:


You need a ticket covering Zone A+B+C+D (“bilet dla strefy podmiejskiej D). You can buy it in a kiosk or in the tickets-vending machines on the bus/tram stop. There might be also the ticket-vending machine on the board of the tram/bus but not all vehicles have it and you can pay only with coins, so it is good to buy it beforehand. You can also buy the ticket through the cell-phone using apps: CallPay, moBILET, mPay or SkyCash.

By car

Check th location and directions in Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/dir//52.1429374,17.1721137/@52.1429525,17.1019084,12z/data=!3m1!4b1 

Details will be updated.

Do you want to participate?

Registration is open