Where do we stay


Backagårdens Kurs & Konferenscenter
STENSKOGEN 735, 243 91 Höör
+46413746 00 info@backagarden.se

Our venue

The event will take place at a beautiful place called Backagården. It’s located outside of the small town Höör, 50 km northeast of Malmö (beware not to confuse it with other establishments also named Backagården, or with Backagården in their name!). It’s surrounded by nature, a lake and the beautiful Scaanian landscape.

Backagården is fully accessible by public transport. You don’t need to purchase public transport tickets in advance. We will soon provide more details on how to get there.

The full venue covers a wide area and offers a range of options for games and sports. It has several workshop rooms and large rooms for community gatherings.

For your comfort

What to bring

Bring anything that you need for your comfort and that can support having a great time during the event, for example:

  • musical instruments,
  • sport equipment, such as a football, frisbee, etc.,
  • board games,
  • toys for your/all children,
  • swimming clothes (there is a lake within walking distance),
  • sunscreen, sunglasses, hat + warm clothes just in case,
  • water bottle,
  • your materials if you would like to offer workshops of your own.


Free WiFi

There is free WiFi available for you in the venue.

Free Parking

You can park your car just outside the venue.

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in on July 26th, from 3:00 pm and onwards. Check-out on August 2nd, no later than 9:00 am.

Outside activities

There is a football field, several jogging tracks in the woods, a lake for swimming in a walking distance, and an outdoor gym. An indoor gym is currently under construction and it’s not clear whether it will be ready when the event starts.

House rules

Smoking is allowed only in a smoking shed. You are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages purchased outside of the venue at any place in the event area, except:

  • in the restaurant, or immediate vicinity of the restaurant, and the restaurant’s outdoor seating,

  • in the community room 5C, or immediate vicinity of it.


How to get there

By plane

Easiest is to arrive at the Copenhagen Airport Kastrup (CPH). But also Malmö Airport (MMX) can be an option – if you choose this, you first need to take the airport shuttle to Lund Central Station before following the instructions for public transport mentioned below. We would like to encourage climate friendly modes of transport, such as taking the train.

By public transport

By public transport from:

  • Copenhagen Central Station
  • Copenhagen Airport Kastrup (CPH)
  • Malmö Central Station
  • Lund Central Station

The public transport authority in the province of Scania where the festival takes place is called Skånetrafiken. The venue is easily accessible through public transport (bus stop name “Backagården”). This is how you go about:

  1. Download the Skånetrafiken app in Google Play or App Store.
  2. Register your phone number, add your payment details.
  3. Search for a journey from wherever you are along the way from Köpenhamn H / CPH Airport Kastrup / Malmö C / Lund C – to a bus stop called Backagården.
  4. Select the journey that fits you best. The app will give you different options depending on where you are travelling from. Choose “Select ticket”, “Single ticket”. You’ll get a discount when buying several tickets at once.
  5. Note: Before boarding the train, make sure to activate the ticket in the app!
By car

Type “Stenskogen 735, Höör” in your GPS or Google Maps and follow the directions.

Do you want to participate?

Registration is not open yet!