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Accommodation options


Below you will find the contributions that will guide you on how much to transfer. For this you will get: an open space Festival, 3 meals a day (delicious buffet of vegan/vegetarian organic food) and great company!

Firstly, you choose your preferred accommodation from the options below:

  • Bed in a double room: including 1 bed, duvet, pillow, sheets and an NVC-roomie (by luck or by choice!)
  • Bed in a single room: including 1 bed, duvet, pillow, sheets
  • Camper/Tent: you can bring your own tent, campervan & sleeping gear!

How much does it cost?

Your contribution covers meals, accommodation, access to all meetings, workshops, empathy group, coffee, tea, fika and access to material for a whole week.

Prices are per person for the full week. If you choose a shared room/hut without specifying with whom you want to share it, you will be placed with a person who has chosen the same type of room.

Contribution in euro

Early birds

(till 1 February 2023)

Standard price

(between 2 January and 30 April 2023)

Last minute (starting 1 May 2023) / solidary sponsoring / invoice
Adult in a double room  450* ** 550* 750
Adult in a single room 550 650 850
Children 3-12 years 210 250 350
Youth 13-17 years 310 350 450

Tiny ones 0-2 years

(bring your own babybed)

70 90 110

Adult in own tents/campervans

Children in own tents/campervans

Youth in own tents/campervans










*if these prices pleasantly surprise you, please consider contributing more, so we can include those who are unpleasantly surprised (because their budget is different). 

Kids ninjas & coördinator

You might also consider these options:

  • You can attend the Festival at a discount of 320 euro if you take on the responsibility role as kids ninja. Send an email to if you want more info! We are looking for 4 ninjas, two for the morning (during morning gathering and the morning workshop) and two for the afternoon (during the afternoon workshop and empathy hour).
  • Maybe you love the kitchen and the food and getting things done? We are also looking for someone to be the bridge (coördinator) between the cooking staff and the participants, creating schedules and making sure every day, every shift that we have the needed amount of people for cutting veggies, preparing the buffet and the washing up, cleaning the kitchen / lunch room and washing up area. This means you will prepare, present and support the schedule in a flexible and fun way with the community and be there every shift to make sure the teams have everything they need. You will most probably miss out on several workshops a day. You will get a discount of 160 euro when you sleep in a tent/van.
More information

Payment and cancellation policy

IMPORTANT: To secure your reservation, please transfer the whole amount when you book. The first 150 EUR are a non-refundable contribution to the Festival, the rest is refundable until the 1st of June. After that, nothing is refundable and you can cancel by inviting someone else and arrange your fees with this person.

Transfer your contribution to BE22 9730 4107 1147 (Kathleen De Laet) including “NVC festival, your name(s) and whatever applies to your choice(s): room / kids ninja / extra amount of … euro”.

If the Festival is cancelled due to changed corona rules, you will get a full refund OR a ticket for the national Belgian NVC-summerfestival in 2024 in Chateau Frandeux! If you have covid-symptoms and decide last minute not to come, please send a clear picture of your positive PCR-test to and you will also receive your full refund.

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Financial support

There are people who are not able to afford to participate in the Festiwal because of the financial situation. If supporting people with less financial resources brings you joy and safisfaction, please contribute to the D-A-C-H account (German speaking countries NVC association):
IBAN: DE56 4306 0967 70059577 00
Account owner is DACH. Please use “NVC Summer Festival” as the purpose.
Do you want to participate?

Registration for 2023 is already open!