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Accommodation options


The following accommodation options are available at Backagården:

  • 16 beds in single room with own toilet and shower,
  • 32 beds in single room with shared toilet and shower (2 rooms per toilet/shower),
  • 44 beds in 22 double rooms with own toilet and shower,
  • 32 beds in 4 cabins (4 rooms with 2 beds in each cabin, 2 shared toilets/showers in each cabin),
  • tents (limited number of places; bring your own tent),
  • campers/vans (limited number of places, two places with electricity),
  • children of paying participants sleep free in tents and caravans/campers,
  • if children in rooms do not need their own bed or sleep on their own mattress, they also sleep for free.

All beds include sheets and towels.


How much does it cost?

The price includes accommodation, 3 meals a day, workshop rooms and other organisational costs. Prices are per person for the full week. If you chose a double room without specifying with whom you want to share it, you will be placed with a person who has chosen the same type of room.

European NVC Summer Festival About NVC Festival Cost

  • contributions to participants who might need support,
  • contribution to the expenses of organizers’ participation in the event,
  • possibility to rent extra conference rooms.

Any surplus will go to the next year’s Festival team.

More information

Payment and cancellation policy

After registration you will receive an automatic confirmation and in a few days a personal confirmation. We ask you to reply to the personal confirmation within 7 days in order to keep your place. After receiving the payment details, you have 7 days to pay the whole amount to confirm your ticket.

The registration is binding. If you cannot come, you can find another person who wants your place. You would then handle the transfer of money between yourselves.

Do you want to participate?

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