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Accommodation options


The following accommodation options are available at Ośrodek Niezamyśl:

  • 19 rooms in the hotel: 2, 3 and 4 beds + studios with 2 rooms x 2 beds. All rooms, except 3, have their own bathroom. 3 rooms share one bathroom. Limited number of double rooms can be used as single rooms.
  • 7 huts with 4 beds, with own bathroom
  • 12 huts with 5 beds, with own bathroom
  • tents (limited number of places; bring your own tent),
  • campers/vans (limited number of places, no access to electricity),

All beds include sheets and towels.


How much does it cost?

The price includes accommodation, 3 meals a day, workshop rooms and other organisational costs. Prices are per person for the full week. If you choose a shared room/hut without specifying with whom you want to share it, you will be placed with a person who has chosen the same type of room.

NOTE: If you want to have a hut/a room for yourself but you are less people than there are beds, you will be asked to cover the cost of free beds.


Staying in: Adult Child <12
Single room (finished) 1600 zł (approx. 360 EUR)
Hotel: 4 beds room / Studio 2×2 people / Double room / Triple room 1400 zł (approx. 310 EUR) 1050 zł (approx. 230 EUR)
1350 zł (approx. 300 EUR) 980 zł (approx. 215 EUR)
Hut for 5 people (5 left) 1300 zł (approx. 290 EUR) 920 zł (approx. 200 EUR)
Children 0-3 years old that don’t need bed 440 zł (approx. 100 EUR)


Kids Ninjas:
400 zł discount for taking care of children for at least 2h a day (during workshops before or after lunch)

Any surplus will go to the next year’s Festival team.

More information

Payment and cancellation policy

After registration you will receive an automatic confirmation and in a few days a personal confirmation in which we will let you know if the option chosen by you is still available. You will also find the payment details there. After receiving this email, you have 7 days to pay the whole amount or at least 500 zł per person to confirm your participation, and the remaining amount till 15 May 2022. After that date, the venue will no longer keep rooms for our group, so it may occur that there are no free spots.

If you want to cancel your participation before 15 May, you’ll get your fee back minus 500 zł per person. Cancelling your participation after 15 May means that you will not get any part of your fee back. If you find another person who wants your place, you can do that. You would then handle the transfer of money between yourselves.

More information

Financial support

There are people who are not able to afford to participate in the Festiwal because of the financial situation. If supporting people with less financial resources brings you joy and safisfaction, please contribute to the D-A-C-H account (German speaking countries NVC association):
IBAN: DE56 4306 0967 70059577 00
Account owner is DACH. Please use “NVC Summer Festival” as the purpose.
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