Kids & youth

Here is

Our plan

We would like to support children and youth in having a great time during the Festival.

Here is what we plan to implement:

Kids Ninjas

We would like to invite several Kids Ninjas who will take care of children for at least 2h a day (during workshops before or after lunch). They will receive a 400 zł discount from the Festival’s cost. If you are interested in becoming one, please, indicate it in the registration form.

Festival’s Community

If you are a parent or not, we would like to encourage you to offer your time during the Festival and support taking care of children. Maybe you have an idea of the activity that could be interesting for youth and/or children? Maybe you can support Kids & Youth Coordinators in looking after children when someone else is offering an activity? All ideas are welcome! To support preparations, you are welcome to let us know about your willingness to offer your time in the registration form.

Kids & Youth coordinators

We will hire a team of Kids & Youth coordinators who will coordinate the work of Kids Ninjas and other volunteers and also provide some activities for children and youth. Message from them:

Our team is getting ready to look after children this summer at the Festival. We look forward to meeting the youngest participants of this year’s NVC Festival on July 30th. We plan games, fun, interesting activities, a lot of laughter and certainly a lot of conversations, in which the knowledge of a given language plays an important role, but also a smile, gesture and shared energy.

We want parents and guardians to have the opportunity to freely participate in workshops, lectures and classes at the Festival, and we want children to have a good, interesting time without their parents, but in good company.

We are preparing to create two activity groups: younger children and older/young teenagers. We also have offers for older youth: RPG games and thematic meetings. The vicinity of our festival is green areas, forest, clearing, beach, water, with the support of parents, we will also assist children in games on the beach. We plan artistic, art, entertainment, sports and cultural games for our pupils.

 We rely on the potential and ideas that we naturally have, but we are all professionals in the care of children, and/or we have extensive experience in therapy and activities for children. We will provide more details soon.

The members of this team:

Anita Zawidzka
Anita Zawidzka

I am a special education student and also work with children on the autism spectrum. Outside of my studies and work, I enjoy running and reading fantasy books. Harry Potter has been my greatest love for many years, but I also enjoy exploring other magical worlds, like The Witcher. 

Being with children has always been an important part of my life. I greatly appreciate the time spent with my pupils and the youngest members of my family. Almost every day they show me the world from a completely different perspective.


Marta Stanisławiak
Marta Stanisławiak

I am a special educator by profession. I work in a kindergarten for children with autism. In addition, I am professionally fulfilling myself by conducting individual and group classes for children, youth and adults with the autism spectrum. As a hobby, I create worksheets, which I put on the Diada Pedagożek website on Facebook. In my spare time, I like watching Korean series and reading a good history book.

Filip Paszkowiak
Filip Paszkowiak

My name is Filip – a fan of nature, exotic animals, computers and games. Lately I am fascinated by creating games using the game engine Godot. I own a crested gecko named Viking and four cats – 3 females: Stella, her daughter Szarlotka (eng. Apple pie) and Puma, and a male: Cezary, son of Stella. I am a graphic student where I learn how to properly draw graphics for games that I will create. I love having fun together and, in my opinion, the best for this are Table Role-Playing Games (TTRPG) in which you play as characters to experience extraordinary adventures. The best outdoor activities are swimming and discovering the secrets of the water.

Do you want to participate?

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