Kids & youth

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The plan

We want this Festival to be accessible and attractive to kids and youth. The prices for kids and teens are as low as possible and there will be a co-created kids- and youth program, big grass fields all around to run and have fun, a little lake to swim, a forest to adventure in, a ping pong table and lots of new and old friends to hang out with. There are several other hangout areas indoors and outdoors, including a badminton field, a piano, fireplace and more.

Bring anything that you feel like sharing with the kids at the Festival: trampoline, little swimming pool, guitar, football, clay, HABA or other coöperative games, non-coöperative games :), bubble blowing, acro yoga stuff, musical instruments, paint, arts and crafts (natural materials), whatever you and the kids enjoy doing!


Kids and youth programme

On the first full day, there will be a First Day Fun double workshop for all kids, youth and adults. Other-than-parent people are very welcome too, it will probably make you enjoy the kids more if you participate in this workshop. Kids and Youth alike can also offer activities, put them on the Program posters and inform everyone about them in the morning gathering

Each evening at the community gathering of “mournings and celebrations”,  there will be a time slot in the beginning, where kids and youth are invited to share something about their day or suggest if there is something they would like different. They can also sit in the middle and make drawings of the day or rest on the cushions.


What can my 0-4 year old do?

We do not offer “parent-free” activities for children below 5 years. You, as a parent, can join with your child in the activities organised for the 5-8 year olds. The first day you will meet others with small kids and together you can find more ways of enjoying child (free?) time together. Parents with small kids will also be able to be with them in the sharing homegroups and in the break after lunch where we have community play time: people all ages join in playful activities on the grass (large bubble blowing, badminton, hide and seek…). Some workshops are offered to all ages, meaning you can bring your child and walk in and out when it is more or less comfortable for you to be there with them. Some babies/kiddos just take naps in workshops, I wish I’ld feel that brave sometimes!


What can my 5-8 year old do?

Saturday to Thursday: Organised physical games on the grass field. Parents can join or leave their child there, if the child is okay with it.

Early Afternoon, daily: Creative activities for all ages on the terrace and/or playtime outside on the grass. Parents can join or leave their kids there, if/when the child is okay with it.


What can my 9-18 year old do?

There will be offers every day like sports, running, Dixit, physical games, board games, card games like UNO, werewolf game and more. Your child can also offer activities, join activities of the young kids, or just have un-organised fun!

Do you want to participate?

Registration for 2023 is already open!