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How to register

To participate, please, fill in the registration form below. You will be registering with your name and email address. If you are registering more people at once (your partner/friend/family), please, write their names in the registration form. The invoice will be sent to the person that submitted the registration form.  

There are rooms and huts of various sizes available. We will do our best to allocate people in a way which serves us all best. If you have a preference with whom to share the room/hut, let us know in the registration form.

We are expecting to be fully booked. To be sure to get a spot at the Festival, please, register and pay as soon as possible. If you are not sure if you will be able to come, please wait until you have clarity and register after that. We will not be holding places if you are not sure if you want to/will be able to come, since this might prevent others from having the opportunity to come and it is also very time consuming for us.

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Payment and cancellation policy

After registration you will receive an automatic confirmation and in a few days a personal confirmation in which we will let you know if the option chosen by you is still available. You will also find the payment details there. After receiving this email, you have 7 days to pay the whole amount or at least 500 zł per person to confirm your participation, and the remaining amount till 15 May 2022. After that date, the venue will no longer keep rooms for our group, so it may occur that there are no free spots.

If you want to cancel your participation before 15 May, you’ll get your fee back minus 500 zł per person. Cancelling your participation after 15 May means that you will not get any part of your fee back. If you find another person who wants your place, you can do that. You would then handle the transfer of money between yourselves.

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